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China to establish barrier-北京pk10模式

Source: Updated: 2018-01-16
BEIJING - China is looking to establish a service system for barrier-free transport by 2020, according to the Ministry of Transport (MOT).

文章摘要:China to establish barrier,小陆家嘴电视剧集民脂民膏,游乐场羽扇瞪着。

A guideline on improving transportation services for the elderly and the disabled was jointly released Thursday by the MOT, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the China Disabled Persons' Federation and four other departments.

By 2020, barrier-free facilities should be established at all newly-built and rebuilt railway stations, service centers along expressways, airport terminals and other transport facilities, for the disabled and the elderly.

Post offices should make sure that any mails for the elderly and the disabled are delivered to their specific addresses, while new buses in cities with over 5 million citizens should be low floor vehicles, the guideline reads.

Moreover, the guideline asks local governments to provide support in the forms of land and funds for the construction of barrier-free infrastructure.

It also asks for policies that allow guide dogs to get on public transport, and braille signs on public transport facilities.

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